Away With the Fairies at Gypsy Wood Park

Having lived here on-and-off since I was 5 I’ve visited most of the local attractions at least once but one place I’d never been was Gypsy Wood Park. This is a quirky, fairy themed farm park in Bontnewydd near Caernarfon and I’ve driven past many times and been intrigued as to what it’s like, but until I had a child I didn’t really have an excuse to go. Now that my son is one-and-a-half it felt like the perfect time to visit.

There are loads of activities on the park, everywhere we turned there was something different to explore. First we went to the farm area, where there were shetland ponies, pigs, pygmy goats and alpacas.

There was a small play area here with swings and a see-saw, but I eventually I managed to prise my son away for long enough to walk through the shaded woodland walk, in the footsteps of giants…

We then found a load of go-karts and ride-on diggers, my son simply had to try every single one and I think he’d have been happy to stay there for hours! The only way I could distract him was the promise of lunch. I bought a picnic from home, and there were loads of picnic benches dotted throughout the park for an al-fresco meal.

After lunch we slowly walked back through the farm, over the leprechaun bridge and through the Goats Walk! There were loads of fun statues and decorations to watch out for, including fairies, dragons and gnomes, and there were cute little gypsy caravans to play in too.

At the other side of the park was another play area with trampolines, tunnels, games, ride on toys and a castle themed climbing frame. We also went on the little train which took us around the park. By this time though, my little boy was getting tired, so in my photos he looks more unimpressed than Simon Cowell faced with a bad singer!

There was only one thing for it, we needed ice cream! Once the train ride had finished we headed in the direction of the cafe for a frozen treat (and a coffee for me). Then it was back to the car – or at least, that was the plan. Because on the way to the exit we discovered yet another play area! It was an uncharacteristically warm day for us here in Wales with the temperatures in the mid-twenties so I was quite glad that this play area was undercover so my son could play in the shade for a bit. There was a sand pit, too.

Gypsy Wood is a fantastic attraction, particularly for pre-schoolers and young children. I was a little surprised at first that they charge for toddlers (when they are walking well), as most places around here are free for under threes. However, having seen how much there is to entertain the very smallest children, I feel it’s a fair price. There is definitely more to interest toddlers than you would usually find at a tourist attraction. Now that I have discovered the magical Gypsy Wood I’m sure I will be returning.


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