My Holiday Traditions

When it comes to holidays I like to be spontaneous and go to new places – I’m not the kind of person to go to the same place every year and do the same stuff. Having said that, there are certain traditions I stick to religiously. A holiday wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t do them. So wherever I go I will always…

Buy tacky souvenirs.

It all started many moons ago when I was away on a Christian youth holiday (much more fun than it sounds I promise) and during our annual shopping trip to a nearby city we were challenged to find the tackiest thing we could. Since then whenever I have been abroad with friends we’ve looked for the most horrendous souvenirs imaginable and my cupboards are now filled with crap – creepy dolls, glittery snowglobes, a clock with a picture of Pope John Paul II on it. Who knows how many euros I have wasted on gifts that were hilarious at the time but are now confined to boxes under my bed. But they do make me smile when I look at them!

Write a holiday diary.

I don’t write a diary of my day to day life because it would be really boring but when I’m on holiday I always keep a journal of things I’ve done. I like looking back on past trips, and remembering things I saw or did, and funny moments that I’ve forgotten.

Make a holiday photo album.

When I’m back from my holidays I always end up with loads of photos. When they’re all on my mobile or computer it’s so easy to leave them there, but it’s much nicer to have them printed off and put in a pretty album or made into a photobook. I love looking back over my old albums.

What are your holiday traditions?


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