Are You a True Brit Abroad?

Sure, you may have a British passport. But are you a real Brit abroad? Take this quiz to find out…

Yay! You and your friends are off for a week’s holiday on a sunny Greek island. When you meet at the airport, you are wearing…

a) A comfy and practical travelling outfit.

b) You all have matching t-shirts with funny nicknames emblazoned upon them.


It’s 6am, time to get some breakfast before boarding your flight. What are you drinking?

a) A strong coffee and an orange juice.

b) A pint – why not, you’re on holiday!

You’ve landed in resort and head out to your transfer. As you leave the arrivals hall, what’s the first phrase that escapes your lips?

a) “I can’t wait to get checked in and unpack – time to explore!”

b) “Blimey, it’s a bit hot innit”

It’s time for dinner. At the buffet, you want to try…

a) You can’t wait to sample the local cuisine, so you head straight for the gyros and moussaka.

b) You don’t want to risk any of that foreign stuff – it might give you a dodgy stomach. Where are the chicken nuggets?

By the end of your first night, your skin colour is…

a) Roughly the same as it always is.

b) Bright red and kinda sore looking.


The next day you go down to the pool mid-morning to sunbathe, but every sunlounger has a towel on. What do you think?

a) Oh well, you snooze you lose. Let’s go to the beach instead.

b) Bloody Germans, up early, stealing all the sun loungers. You’ll be up at 7am tomorrow to do the same.

Your rep is here for your welcome meeting. You book…

a) You’re going on a sightseeing tour, but you’ll book through a cheaper, local company rather than your rep.

b) You book a boat trip with all-inclusive food and booze, as well as a comedy cabaret night.

While you’re out, you spy a British style corner shop. You…

a) Tut to yourself – why bother coming abroad if you’re just going to eat British food? It’s so inconsiderate of the local culture.

b) Pop in for some essentials. The teabags here are atrocious and you need some PG Tips.

What souvenirs have you bought of your holiday?

a) A handbag made by a local craftsman and some artwork for your living room wall.

b) An erotic Greek calendar, some bottles of ouzo, and a slogan T-Shirt.

download (5)

You need to send some postcards home, but when you go to buy stamps at the post office, none of the staff speak English. Do you…

a) Consult Google Translate – you’re not confident speaking Greek, but eventually you manage to get across what you want.

b) Speak English slower and louder, mime putting a stamp on the postcard, and wonder to yourself why the staff never bothered learning English at school.

On your last night, you go out for a slap up meal. Where do you choose?

a) An authentic taverna overlooking the sea.

b) The Red Lion.

Sadly, it’s time to go home. When you get to the check-in desk, there’s a huge mass of people and no queue system whatsoever. Do you…

a) Sigh, pull out a book, and resign yourself to the fact that you’ll be here a while.

b) Huff and puff loudly. Why does no one outside the British Isles know how to queue for God’s sake?!


Mostly A’s: You’re not a true Brit abroad! You love learning about the local culture, always wear plenty of suncream and have never enjoyed a lukewarm pint by the pool at 11am. You find the stereotypical Brit abroad embarrassing and can be a little judgmental of anyone who doesn’t integrate into the local culture.

Mostly B’s: Yep, you’re a true Brit abroad. Everyone can spot your nationality a mile away – but that’s probably because of those Union Jack shorts you’re sporting. You want to get away for the sun but are slightly wary of foreign foods and customs, so you’ve been known to pack teabags and pot noodles in your case. You don’t care what people say – as long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters!



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